Analytics Information and Modelling for dummies.

Infographic: business intelligence and analytics fundamentals.

“Analytics Information and Modelling” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Stephen, leader of the newly formed internal AIM team at KPMG’s Sydney office, was tasked with succinctly explaining what the team’s purpose was to thirty colleagues and partners.

Previously, he had commissioned an artist to render an infographic depicting the department's role as a highway map, but the metaphor was not quite right.

We worked together to brainstorm a new approach: AIM as a tree and their outcomes as fruit.

Infographic: what the AIM team does.

In addition to the presentation, I turned the key image into an interactive e-detailer-style micro-site, wherein selecting a part of the tree revealed several paragraphs expanding on technical details. This was made accessible to all employees via the office intranet.

The project was a success and Stephen’s team later approached me to illustrate several other technical concepts, and a user journey of one of their largest projects, in a similar illustrative style.

Infographic: debriefing an implementation project, outcoms and steps.

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