How you present the message changes it.

What is design thinking? Storyboard for explainer video rendered in PowerPoint for the Customer Experience Company.

A psychologist will tell you that the meaning of communication is in the perception of the receiver. In plain terms: knowing your subject matter and presenting it are two different things.

Consumer whole genome sequencing B2B presentation for Genome.One.

In a world where ‘death by PowerPoint’ is a running joke and executives communicate in slide shows, presentation matters.

From million-dollar pitches to million-subscriber TEDx keynotes, you want supporting media with teeth, a silent siren for your cause.

Interstitials for quarterly sales meetings featuring the directors, for Pernod Ricard.

From optimising an existing presentation for persuasive impact to starting with an elevator pitch on a serviette, I have solved your problem for others and can help you, too.

Want presentations with claws?