Your on-demand creative department.

Jack Morton is a small agency with a big reputation, and often grow their skeleton crew of creatives with specialised teams. I worked with them for several projects, the largest being presentation styling for Microsoft Ignite conference (pictured). I was flown to the Gold Coast with one other designer to work with keynote speakers, editing presentations just in time with last second updates.

The most significant problems in business (and life) will tend toward the least clearly defined. They will be creative, bespoke, or evolving; in short, more LEGO and less Barbie.

As a creative professional I understand this and endeavour to be flexible in how I work, with no job too small, too big, too half-baked... or too weird.

The other services on this site are oriented toward discrete solutions. If you’re reading this section, you might be in one of the following scenarios:

  • You’ve just taken on larger project and need to rapidly assemble a strong team of all-rounders for a short duration.
  • Your creative director’s cat died and you suddenly have too much deadline and not enough manpower.
  • You don’t know exactly what you want, but you feel like having a creative on staff will clarify things and generally be an asset.

If so, you’re in the right place: I offer ad hoc creative services (on retainer or on demand, contingent on availability), have experience in hitting the ground running, and owned way too much LEGO as a child.

Festival art and wayfinding signage for Stoke Travel. Oktoberfest is chaotic and I worked on site to create assets as venue requirements evolved over the three weeks the party was in progress.

Not sure if I can do what you need? Start a conversation with me: either I can do it or I know someone who can.

Clients I’ve worked with as an on-call creative

FBI Recruitment, Aquent, Vitamin T, Strativity, Nakama, Williams Lea, Charterouse, Parker-Wood, Stoke Travel, Mad Mex.

For specific information regarding my competencies,

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